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A Boat Tour to Beginish!

BegnishWhen you first arrive on Valentia Island the first question a lot of people seem to ask is “what is there to do here”? The answer is simple; “There’s a lot!” Like a lot of places there is a lot more to do during the Summer months as the Irish weather can be a huge factor on a lot of tourist activities particularly outdoor activities. If you are looking for something to do a boat trip to Beginish is something you should consider.

While the island is not seen as a popular tourist destination Beginish Island is nothing short of cultural significance in Ireland. It was home to 84 people in the 19th century with the final residents departing the island as late as 1996 and is now unpopulated even though some houses on the island are used as holiday homes today. Beginish island has a gorgeous beach and this can be quite popular among daytrippers from Valentia.

Another island of great importance located west of Beginish is Church Island. This is home to a 7th Century monastery founded by the monks who came here to find peace but were later encountered by the Vikings who settled on the neighbouring island of Beginish.

Kerry Aqua Terra’s boat tours will bring your adventure to life through stories of history and folklore, around the beautiful natural landscape of the Skellig Coast. Kerry Aqua Terra’s boat, ‘The Navigator’ was built especially for those that want to explore Valentia Harbour in style! “We are delighted with our boat design and thrilled to say that we can accommodate wheelchair and mobility restricted guests comfortably.”


Kerry Aquaterra

They offer their explorers a unique and exciting experience so that Valentia, Church Island and Beginish Island can be viewed to their fullest and offering tours to suit everyone. Their 5-star rated experience offers explorers boat tours of Valentia along with the luxury of being able to land the boat onto the sandy beaches so that your feet don’t get wet! The Kerry Aqua Terra crew promise that you and your explorers will have the most amazing adventure to remember while visiting the Ring of Kerry! For more information about their tours and bookings, please visit their website, or call directly to speak to a member of their crew on 087 9220544.

If you are looking for a unique tour that allows an immersive experience into the history and culture of Ireland, then I would 100% recommend this tour if you are in the area. The local guides are very informative and provide such an amazing experience to all their guests. This is a unique experience that will provide amazing memories.

If you’re looking for alternative boat trips in the area check out our Skellig Michael Tours!

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