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The Skellig Experience

History of Skellig Michael

A group of remarkable men ventured into the open ocean off Southwest Ireland determined to build a monastery on one of the most extraordinary locations on earth. Our Visitor Centre will teach you about the hardship these monks had to endure during their time on Skellig Michael. We have an exhibition and film show presentation that explore the history of the incredible Skellig Islands. The world Skellig is derived from the Irish word 'Sceilig' meaning pointed/jagged rock.
The Monastery
The Climb
The Monks

The Lighthouse

You can learn about the building of the Lighthouses on Skellig Michael, the hardship which lighthouse families had to endure and the work of lighthouse men during that period of time.
The Lighthouse
The Coastguard

Skellig Seabirds and Sea Life

The Skellig Islands are home to a wide variety of birdlife. Skellig Beag or Little Skellig is home to over 23,000 pairs of Gannets, making it the largest colony in Ireland and one of the largest colonies in the world. The Puffin is a very famous bird associated with Skellig Michael. Arriving in late Spring these beautiful birds occupy Skellig Michael until the end of July. The Puffin is distinguished by its orange beak, black upperparts and white underparts. Puffins are also known as 'clowns of the sea' or 'sea parrots' because of their brightly coloured beak and awkwardness to walk on land.
The Puffin
The Shearwater
The Razorbill
The Gannet
The Storm Petrel
The Guillemot

Island on the Edge of the World

Island on the Edge of the World
Over 1400 years ago Skellig Michael became home to a small group of men seeking religious solitude and isolation on one of the most extraordinary locations on earth. In this short documentary we take an audio visual journey through this ISLAND ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD and into the lives of the monks that came to inhabit it. We see the remarkable structures and steps they built and their unique way of life completely apart from the rest of the world.
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