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Skellig Michael Reopens


After three long weeks of remaining closed to the public we are delighted to announce that Skellig Michael has finally reopened on Monday July 4th 2022. OPW announced the closure of Skellig Michael on Monday June 13th due to a rock fall which occurred on the island earlier that day. The rockfall occurred on Monday June 13th and OPW closed the island to visitors with immediate effect in order to allow for inspection of the island.

You can visit Skellig Michael by booking a Skellig Michael Landing Tour.

Due to poor weather conditions the works on the island were delayed meaning the closure lasted for a total of 3 weeks. OPW ensured that all necessary safety works were carried out and on Monday July 4th the island reopened to welcome visitors once again.

Skellig Michael Landing tours depart daily from our Visitor Centre on Valentia Island. The tour allows visitors to climb the 618 steps up a steep stone staircase to reach the monastery which was founded by the monks during the 6th century. Our Visitor Centre includes an exhibition dedicated to the story of the Skellig Islands, a 14 minute film presentation and a safety film which allows you to prepare for your journey to Skellig Michael.

We are delighted to once again welcome visitors on a once in a lifetime trip out to these offshore Skellig Islands to discover the incredible story and enriched history Skellig Michael has to offer.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, history fan or just want to witness the sheer beauty of these incredible islands then we advise planning a trip to Skellig Michael. If you would like to climb this magnificent rock click here and book your tickets today!

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